SNOW CROSS Training Camp of the Andes, Bariloche (Catedral), Argentina


The SCTC will be held from August 15 to August 26th and September 5th to the 26th, 2016 at Catedral Ski Resort in Bariloche, Argentina. There will be several COC level events within a 3 hour drive of SCTC (Antillanca end of August…final Schedule will be published alter the FIS June meetings.  Athletes & teams are encouraged to attend the entire session however it maybe possible to make exceptions on a case by case basis.

The Ski center has an approximate altitude of 1000 mts at the base and 2100 mts at the top. The 2014 SX/SBX course was approx. 45-55 seconds and we anticipate a Langer course this season.